5 Steps to Prevent and Decrease Probate and Trust Disputes

Litigators can be useful when there are conflicts over probate and trust litigation. A Probate attorney can and should handle your trust lawsuits can turn families into opponents and convert inheritances into lawyers’ costs. These disagreements can be sustained by sibling competition, blended families, household grudges, financial need, entitlement, revenge, greed, or spite.

probate attorneyLitigators have a bird’s eye view of the problems which sustain such disputes and are typically able to anticipate potential concerns before they emerge so that they may be prevented in the future. To avoid litigation, utilize the skills of Steven Bliss he is known as the best Probate Attorney in California!

Pre-Death Issues

Some people may require assistance in making choices or looking after ourselves or our finances. Some concerns to address as you pick who you may wish to act upon your behalf if you are not able to perform for yourself:

Who will make your medical decisions and who will pay your bills and manage your financial resources?

In the absence of proper powers of attorney and living wills, court participation in the type of guardianship and conservatorship proceedings may be required. Even if the consultation of a guardian and conservator is not contested, the court procedure expenses money and time. In many cases where there is no ideal member of the family to function as a guardian or conservator, or if there is too much family dispute, a personal fiduciary might be designated as guardian and conservator. In that occasion, strangers are making your most individual choices and handling your finances.

Such court proceedings offer fertile ground for household conflicts, both at the time of the visit and throughout the guardianship and conservatorship administration.

Estate planning lawyers, accounting professionals, monetary management therapists, and other specialists can direct clients to protect correctly drafted and carried out estate planning files. They will discuss the responsibilities of fiduciaries, and help you make excellent choices as to whom you appoint as your fiduciary. Select the person who has received the task, not the person stereotypically called. The person selected as an agent under a medical power of attorney might not be the best person to be the agent under a financial power of attorney.

A relative is typically the first option for the fiduciary; nevertheless, a member of the family may not be the best choice. This choice is not about doing what others might perceive as “fair,” it has to do with selecting the right individual for the task. The individual selected as representative needs to desire to do the job and should be notified about the responsibilities and possible dangers of accepting the appointment.

Alternate or successor agents ought to be recognized. In choosing who need to be your representative under a power of attorney, a probate and trust lawsuits attorney can help identify potential problems to plan around, especially if there are already strained family dynamics.

Post-Death Issues

Make your strategies in composing with appropriately prepared and performed wills, trusts, or non-probate transfers; do it properly and keep it upgraded. Think about who is getting what and who is in charge of distributing the estate or trust. Limitation disputes over the circulation of personal property by making a written list designating the desired beneficiary of each product. Do not restrict the list to things of considerable monetary worth – families will spend vast quantities of money combating over nostalgic objects. Once again, there is no obligation to be “reasonable” to everybody. Make your burial preferences understood or designate the person who is to make such a choice if there is any concern or disagreement. Numerous households have litigated over a liked one’s ashes.

It is essential to select the right individual(s) or entity to administer your estate as a personal agent or trustee. Think about the following questions when you make your selection:

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Who is nominated as personal representative, administrator or trustee of your estate?

Different problems affect families differently. Difficulties such as household businesses and homes, mixed households, clashing burial instructions, frustrating medical issues, and illness along with altered circumstances, can create a hostile environment. Consider the problems that are unique to your household when planning. Don’t presume everybody will agree on everything.

Are the Documents Valid?

The validity of wills and trusts might be assaulted by those with genuine and well-founded issues related to the document’s creation and execution. The credibility of files might likewise be attacked by those who are merely disappointed with the estate plan. Wills and trusts might be objected to based upon the alleged undue impact on the testator or trustor and based upon the testator or trustor’s absence of testamentary capability when the files were signed. Warning includes:

Were there fraudulent representations?

Think about these possible issues as you are producing and signing these documents.

Financial Exploitation

With increasing frequency, susceptible grownups are being taken benefit of by a relative, caregivers, bilkers, or unethical vendors. California has enacted laws developed to secure vulnerable or incapacitated adults from such financial exploitation.

You can protect your liked ones or pals from exploitation by looking out for risk signs consisting of: the vulnerable adult begins making uncharacteristically big presents to brand-new “friends,” or a brand-new charity or others. Phone and individual access to the vulnerable grownup are all of a sudden being limited. The vulnerable adult wishes to change will, trust, or powers of attorney contrary to their extended-standing estate plan.

New professionals are being hired to take the location of long-standing lawyers or accounting professionals. Taking actions to recognize possible exploitation early on might save the vulnerable grownup and his/her estate substantial amounts– money that might be utilized for the vulnerable adult’s care.

Post Death Issues

After death, a private appointed as a fiduciary (personal representative, administrator or trustee) has a responsibility to quickly administer the estate or trust according to the will or trust and California law.

They have to protect legitimate files and act for the benefit of all the beneficiaries. Fiduciaries may stop working on moving without delay to administer the trust or estate, or they might incorrectly take properties. Often recipients and fiduciaries have different interpretations of the same documents (even more reason to make sure with the preparation of the estate planning documents). Any of these circumstances can cause litigation.

All celebrations have a task to protect their rights– if you ignore the issue, it will not always go away. If you overlook prospective problems for too long, you might be lawfully disallowed from raising them later on.


Probate and trust litigation can be expensive, both economically and mentally. Such a dispute can take a considerable quantity of time and can postpone and minimize inheritances. Some lawsuits can be prevented through excellent estate planning.

Even if probate litigation is started, how it is handled can significantly affect its speed and cost. A lawyer with particular experience in probate and trust lawsuits will be practical to you if you find yourself or your household involved in a probate or trust conflict. Do yourself and your family a favor by preparing (and upgrading) a proper estate plan after thinking through all the prospective concerns that might develop.

While you are producing your estate plan, speaking with an attorney with experience in probate and trust lawsuits in conjunction with your estate planning lawyer can help determine prospective issues. Therefore, precautions may be required to attempt and prevent future disputes.

This article is not meant to provide legal recommendations and connects to California law. It does rule out the scope of requirements in states other than California. Always seek advice from an attorney for legal suggestions for your particular scenario. This policy is written based on California law for California companies.


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